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Link to more photos of bands lit by John Schlick the Concert Lighting Designer. More Photographs of shows that John Schlick was the Concert Lighting Designer for.

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John Schlick is an amazing concert lighting designer who works with the artist to create a stage atmosphere that makes the band onstage feel comfortable, allowing them to give their best performance, while creating striking (yet completely appropriate) visual presentations of the music being played.
Please: see the Photos page for proof of this statement.

In the music business, the name of the game is not just talent, but also trust and reliability. John is a lighting designer that you can really TRUST your stage show to.  He is a consumate reliable hardworking professional that will not let you down (and yes, his clients will back him up on this statement).

He is available for touring (from clubs to arenas), and for concert lighting design for Music Videos, as well as important showcase or one-off events, and he has competence running every major and most minor lighting controllers in use today, and is fully able to deal both with any piece of automated lighting as well as any quantity of conventional lighting instruments.

John spent a year as the internationally touring Lighting Designer for Ted nugent, and 2 years as the nationally touring LD for The Genitorturers (at the 1500 seat level), has in the past toured nationally as the Lighting Designer for Fishbone, and Operator and recently, he has been doing international shows with TriPod (in the european 30,000 seat featival market) as well as designing the lighting for The Michael Jackson Laser Tribute.   He also has a bevvy of clients in his home town of Seattle.  John also recently became the first Lighting Designer to place automated fixtures on the roof of Seattles Historic Space Needle and include changes of roof color as part of a one-off party.
Last year, John did a 4th of July celebration for a small city near Aspen (3000 people on a ski slope) that included lasers, projections, ground based fog effects and lots of moving lights. This party was a huge success.

His rates are reasonable, and based on the circumstances of the band and the venues being played, but he is DEFINITELY worth taking on the road if you want to look amazing and leave your audiences with the feeling they have just seen the BEST show you have ever done.

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic

Note: If you don't know what a concert lighting designer specifically does?    Please see the Articles page for an entire series on what Concert Lighting Designers do, and how to find a good one.

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Website Pages


This page is the centerpeice of this website. There are many excellent photos that show John's work as a Concert Lighting Designer. The photos are organized by band, and all can be made larger so you can really see the details.

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic

This page is John's Resume. As is usual in the music business, there is lots of shameless name dropping here. This page supports John's claim that he is an excellent choice for a Lighting Designer to design your next tour, shoot your music video, rebuild or install your nightclubs lighting system, design lighting for your next live theatre production, or act as crew on ANY lighting related project (especially large format or arena touring).
PS: This page contains an easter egg if you look for it.

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic

This page is an index to articles that John had written for varying publications. Many are centered around life on the road and the music touring business.

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic
Rental Equipment

eXotic Lighting maintains an inventory of lighting equipment.
This ranges from a small 60K festival system to smaller systems suitable for long term lease in a bar/nightclub environment.
From confetti cannons and other special effects to automated fixtures.
We can supply equipment anywhere from a small tour production bump to a full lighting system for any level of event.

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This page is an index page to a number of other pages.
There is a page of quotes about John's work here.
There are several pages showing paperwork of some shows and installs John was the lighting designer for.
There is a page showing his local Seattle show rates for small club bands.

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic

This page will allow you to easily send comments to John.
Let John know that you would like to talk to him about Lighting Design related work.
John maintains several email lists that you can also sign up on via this page.
One is a Seattle Show/Party list - Hear about the cool events that John is going to or working at in the Seattle area (one email per week).
The other is a main update list so that you will know when John is on tour and when he is available. (2 or 3 updates a year max on this list.)

John Schlick - Concert Lighting Designer: Custom Color Changing Par Graphic

No good website is without a page of links.
In this case, there are links to John's current (and some former) Concert Lighting Design clients, as well as links to other places you can find information about John. In addition, there is some code you can cut and paste onto your site to link to this site. (We have to make it easy for you right?)

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Photos    Resume    Articles    Rental Equipment    Miscellaneous    Feedback    Links

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